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KompactKit catalog

KompactKIT is a complete sewer system. The system consists of the following components: PVC pipe homogeneous or laminated, PEHD pipes, fittings (sockets, taps, branching saddles, inspection wells, PVC passages through concrete), hatches, cleaning and control "Compact" cast iron covers, PE inspection wells.

PE inspection wells are an ideal solution for providing sewerage services, offering beneficiaries top financial operations. Long-term investment benefits, increased overall operational efficiency and increased sewer networks. Compact hatches on the principles of sustainable development in the community:

    social progress due to the recognition and acceptance of the needs of each person;
    effective protection of the environment;
    use of natural resources rationally;
    maintaining a safe level and high growth.

Kompact inspection wells are made of polyethylene, they are compact modules and from the Rotomoulding process the products are obtained without internal tension and achieve uniform material distribution and achieve a uniform wall thickness compared to other methods of obtaining plastic. From an economic point of view, plastic is a lightweight material and costs lower than metal.

The ribs are well defined, with no burrs of division plans. Gray hatches, single-layer, designed for underground installation. Due to its design, it is impossible to penetrate sewage, polyethylene houses are ideal solutions for environmental protection. The houses are equipped with handrails to facilitate the installation and entry process (steps inside). Hatches should be used in the city sewer, within acceptable levels of chemical compounds in wastewater. Hatches have been designed and cannot be used to collect combustible substances or other petroleum products. In addition, they have not been designed and cannot be used in pressure networks.

Hatches are made in three options:

    with a closed base;
    with entrance and exit, with diameters of 400 and 500 mm;
    with 3 inputs and 1 output, two-dimensional spectrum, D 200/160, D 315/250.

Inspection wells with a closed base - application:

    Inspection wells;
    Counter wells;
    Wells for telephone cable;
    Wells for sewage pumping station equipment;
    Wells for sampling.
    Wells with 3 entrances and 1 exit (Inspection wells).

Advantages of Kompact:

    Full range of products and accessories;
    Transport, storage and easy installation;
    dimensional diversity;
    resistance to corrosion, abrasion and deposition;
    resistance to chemicals;
    low linear expansion;
    resistance at low temperatures from -60 degrees Celsius;
    high flexibility;
    special mechanical behavior;
    low thermal conductivity;
    long-lasting strength and functionality.